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Managing a Chronic Neurological Condition with ONS Neurosurgeon

Despite having none of the normal risk factors, Steven Borzykowski was diagnosed with a rare neurologic condition that required surgery, and has since required specialized neurosurgeons to care for him.

A few years ago, Steven moved to Westchester from Manhattan and was hesitant about being so far from his trusted medical team at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. His concern was quickly alleviated when a key member of his neurosurgical care team at Columbia, Dr. Marc Otten, moved from Columbia to ONS.

Historically, Steven will recognize the symptoms that require a trip to the emergency room, where a neurosurgeon will be called. This process can be dangerously time-consuming if he needs to travel down to New York City.The last time this occurred, however, Steven simply contacted Dr. Otten, who met him minutes later at Greenwich Hospital to stabilize the situation.

“Having a talented and experienced surgeon like Dr. Otten nearby saves me a lot of anguish,” says Steven. “With my situation, there’s very little room for delays or error, and Dr. Otten is very precise.”

While surgically managing the existing shunt is Steven’s current treatment plan, it may not be that way forever. “Dr. Otten is always investigating the latest research and clinical trials to stay ahead of my condition,” he says, explaining that he is confident in the treatment plan that he and Dr. Otten have created together.

“The fact that he’s looking at future solutions is very encouraging. I hadn’t found that in prior surgeons, so it’s comforting for me and my family. I’m in the hands of someone who can manage my condition with current technology, but is also on top of future advances that may make our lives easier down the road,” Steven says.

Steven encourages other patients to do their research when choosing a neurosurgeon. “See where they trained and where they have worked – neurological conditions can be intricate, so a surgeon’s expertise makes all the difference when managing conditions.”

Accessibility to a surgeon is also important for patients with neurologic conditions, as problems can progress quickly. “Dr. Otten makes me feel like I’m his only patient,” explains Steven.

By managing his condition successfully, Steven is able to work and do the things he loves, which include playing piano and spending time with his kids. “I can live my life without fear of what will happen if a future surgery is needed. I know I’m in good hands if I need another surgical revision,” he says. “That brought a huge peace of mind.”