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Back on the Slopes: A Patient’s Return to Outdoor Activities After a Meniscus Tear

Kevin is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys kayaking, hiking and skiing. He estimates he’s doing one of the three activities every other day. Last year, he slipped and fell on a wet rock while getting out of a kayak, injuring his left knee.

“This knee was already compromised after multiple cartilage surgeries, so I was nervous because I was in a lot of pain and experienced a lot of swelling,” recalled Kevin who was already familiar with ONS from past injuries.

“One of the great things about ONS is that they have top doctors for every orthopedic injury,” said Kevin. Through his previous doctor, Kevin was referred to Demetris Delos, MD, sports medicine surgeon at ONS.

Dr. Delos and Kevin planned to let the knee rest for a month while incorporating some strengthening and physical therapy to see if that would help ease the pain. When the pain persisted and the MRI showed it was a large meniscus tear that likely wouldn’t heal naturally due to its location, they decided to move forward with surgery.

On the day of his surgery, Kevin appreciated how Dr. Delos told him exactly what he was going to do in the operating room. “The facility was great, the people were welcoming, and I felt comfortable going into the operating room,” said Kevin.

“When Dr. Delos visited me in recovery, he said not only was it a success, but also that he was so glad he operated due to the nature of the tear,” said Kevin, who experienced less swelling within 24 hours post-surgery than he had after the incident.

Dr. Delos recommended that Kevin start weight bearing and rehabilitation immediately. With a personal goal of getting back on the ski slopes that season, Kevin did intensive physical therapy for six weeks. While he did get back on his skis after that time, the pain returned, so he dialed it back a bit and focused on strengthening his knee. To alleviate the pain, Dr. Delos performed a series of three hyaluronic acid injections injections which, along with continuing rehab, made a big difference in Kevin’s recovery.

Once the summer arrived, Kevin was able to pick up kayaking again and paddled over 500 miles that season without any pain.

“The aftercare that Dr. Delos provided was also great,” said Kevin. “He is always super attentive and both he and his PA were always accessible to me.”

As someone who’s undergone multiple surgeries, Kevin’s best advice for others is to stay strong and flexible to ensure a full recovery.

“I didn’t know what to expect the next ski season but now I’m skiing as well as I’ve ever skied in my whole life and I am 100% pain free doing it,” said Kevin. “I’m back to doing everything I was doing before without any limitations.”