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Concussions Please visit an Emergency Room if you are experiencing any of the below symptoms following head trauma as this may indicate a more serious condition: • Unequal pupil size• Double vision• Significant drowsiness or inability to wake up• Severe or worsening headache• Significant neck pain or tenderness• Slurred speech, weakness, numbness, or decreased coordination• […]

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Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder Replacement Surgery Shoulder replacement surgery is an effective orthopedic treatment for severe shoulder pain where damaged parts of the shoulder are replaced with artificial components. The procedure helps restore mobility, relieve pain, and get patients back to everyday activities, jobs, and athletics. What to Know About Shoulder Replacement Surgery Not everyone needs a replacement […]

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Rotator Cuff Tear

Rotator Cuff Tear What Is/What Causes a Rotator Cuff Tear A rotator cuff tear is a common injury that consists of a partial or complete tear in the muscles and tendons in the shoulder, causing pain and discomfort. The condition is caused by sudden injury or by long-term wear and tear from age or repetitive […]

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Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement Surgery Knee replacement surgery is a treatment for severe knee pain and arthritis. The procedure helps restore mobility and relieve severe pain from osteoarthritis and other conditions that lead to degeneration and a loss of cartilage. What to Know About Knee Replacement Surgery Why Choose Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery Specialists (ONS) for Knee Pain […]

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Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery Hip replacement surgery is a common and highly- successful orthopedic treatment for severe hip osteoarthritis and other conditions which lead to degenerative changes of the hip joint. The procedure involves removal of the degenerative parts of the hip, and replacement with a prosthetic device. The procedure helps restore mobility and relieve severe […]

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries are common orthopedic ailments that can be treated with non-surgical and surgical methods, but surgery is usually required. During an ACL reconstruction, the surgeon removes the damaged ligament and replaces it with a piece of tendon. What to Know About ACL Injuries and Reconstruction Why […]

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Outpatient Joint Replacement

Outpatient Joint Replacement The ONS Difference. Same Day Joint Replacement Surgery With A Concierge Experience. If you are a candidate for outpatient joint replacement surgery, it is a safe and convenient alternative to a traditional overnight hospital stay. You can experience the same excellent joint replacement outcomes the community has come to expect from ONS […]

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