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Bouncing Back with ONS: A Young Gymnast’s Triumph After a Broken Arm

“We are incredibly grateful to have found Dr. David Wei, anesthesiologist Dr. Jillian Marousek, and the entire team at ONS, and we feel compelled to share our remarkable experience with them and anyone considering ONS.

In May 2022, my then-8-year-old daughter Dagny suffered an arm injury while playing soccer. While this happened during a soccer game, Dagny’s true passion is gymnastics. It appeared she would be sidelined from both for some time.

As a veterinary orthopedic surgeon, I quickly recognized the severity of the injury. Although we initially went to a hospital for radiographs, our friends recommended ONS, specifically Dr. Wei, who had successfully treated their daughter.

Our first meeting with Dr. Wei left us thoroughly impressed. He was confident and kind. He recommended an initial nonsurgical approach. However, after additional radiographs, Dr. Wei confirmed the need for surgery due to a displaced fracture.

The Stamford Ambulatory Surgery Center left a lasting impression on us. Every member of the team, from the surgical nurse to the front desk staff, and Dr. Wei, not only displayed exceptional kindness but also demonstrated proficiency in their roles. Despite Dagny’s nervousness, the staff was able to put her at ease. The entire process was prompt, and Dr. Wei provided timely updates. Adding to our comfort, our family friend, Dr. Marousek, was the anesthesiologist for Dagny’s surgery.

We periodically would return to Dr. Wei’s office for rechecks. Dagny needed a second surgery to remove the implant that was holding the fracture in place. Again, it was successful and seamless.

Returning to gymnastics would require a lot of weight bearing on Dagny’s arms so the recovery would take longer. Despite the challenges, Dagny’s spirits were lifted when a family friend gifted her a personalized video (Cameo) from Olympic gold medalist gymnast Carly Patterson. Carly’s story of overcoming a similar injury became a beacon of hope for Dagny.

Dagny’s journey mirrored Carly’s in the end. She not only recovered successfully but went on to win an impressive 10 out of 12 gymnastics meets, including CT states, regionals, and nationals at Gymnastics Level 3.

Our experience with Dr. Wei and ONS was nothing short of exceptional. The professionalism and thorough training of every individual we encountered made this medical journey not only successful but also a testament to the compassionate and skilled care provided by Dr. Wei and the entire ONS team. We can’t express our gratitude enough for this impressive medical experience.” – Oliver Morgan, VMD, DACVS (Dagny’s father)