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A Journey to Recovery: How Dr. Vitale Restored Katherine’s Hand Function and Relieved Her Pain

I am so thankful to Dr. Vitale for significantly improving the quality of my life. Years ago, a severe injury to my right hand left me with nerve damage and many complications in my thumb. Over time, I lost function, muscle, and strength in my hand—all of which was further exacerbated by arthritis. I worried about what would happen if I also lost function in my left hand to arthritis as I got older.

The pain became unbearable during everyday tasks. Something as simple as pulling on my jeans or pulling up my socks became excruciating. I knew I had to get it checked out and that’s how Dr. Vitale at ONS came into my story. He examined me and recommended surgery. Dr. Vitale repaired two joints in my hand. I had extensive damage.

Following my procedure, I did physical therapy for 24 weeks and I continue to do at-home PT exercises diligently a year out from surgery. The transformation has been remarkable, and I was elated to be pain-free and to have a thumb that not only functions normally but looks normal as well. I was doing things I had not done in years. Not only did Dr. Vitale restore the strength and function of my thumb, but the rest of my hand as well.

I am grateful for Dr. Vitale’s expertise. My successful recovery is a testament to his skill, the dedication of my physical therapist, and my own commitment to the physical therapy exercises at home.